Search Engine Optimisation

It really is a Zoo out there in the Digital Space!

Here at Mango Digital Media we follow the Google guidelines and measure your SEO success through our platform so you always see your website moving up the Google ladder to position #1

Search Engine Optimisation can be extremely beneficial & lucrative for your business if implemented right, here at Mango Digital we make sure your SEO strategy complies with the Google Guidelines and set realistic goals around monthly achievements your business can expect.

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What Is SEO?

SEO is basically the short form of Search Engine Optimization. This acronym illustrates the intricate procedure of making your website appear on higher natural results in Google.

Why SEO Is Needed?

Taking into account that search and e-mail are the two most important online activities, the drawbacks of not being optimized are considerable:

  • 83% of internet activity is executed with the help of Search Engines.
  • 85%  of people use a search engine use Google.
  • 75% of Individuals Never Scroll Past The Very First Page of Google Or Any Other Search Engine.
  • 70% of people click on SEO before a paid listing.
  • SEO is a cheaper and more effective way to market your business than traditional forms of advertising like radio and TV.
  • SEO has average of 19.1% sale closure rate compared to print or direct mail only having a closing rate of 1.7%

How Are We Going To Help You?


Once we understand your business goals we will make strategic recommendations to achieve these. With our highly skilled and dedicated team that are always up to date with all algorythim changes, wether it’s humming Bird. Penguin, Panda or any other updates that will be released from the Google zoo we will always be sure to implament  and adhere to the Google guidelines.

Overview of our SEO Activities


1-SEO Audit: Comprehensive analysis of Content, Social, Off Page/Back-links, On Page

2-Keyword Research:Using professional tools like Raven, Keyword Spy and more we will generate a comprehensive list of top priority and competitive keywords that will deliver your business result.

3-On Page SEO:  We will optimize Meta Tags, Internal Linking, Crawling, Semantic Structure, URL Structure, content in terms of images, keywords and others.

4-Fix Previous Back-Links:  It’s almost Impossible to rank before fixing and analyzing previous links. We will evaluate back-links in terms of Do-follow v/s No-follow, Site-wide v/s No Site-wide, Local v/s Global and and fix any errors and penalties.

5-Link Building: We will not build millions of back-links just because. We will however build links with good authority that will benefit your website.

6-Reporting On Monthly Basis: Our Reporting is clear and simple. You don’t have time to look through reports that make no sense your busy running a business, so at  Mango you will have access to Ranking Reports, Traffic Report s and other data is important to you.

7-Strategy Review & Monthly Communication: Our expert team will review the past months of SEO, update the strategy and work towards next months goals.

Why Us?


  • We Deliver Results
  • No Lock-in Agreements
  • Up-To-Date SEO Strategies
  • No Penalties
  • Clear Communication
  • Work With Any Budget