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Google Adwords is the fastest way to to Acquire new customers and get your business on the front page of Google.

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Google Adwords is the fastest way to to Acquire new customers and get your business on the front page of Google.

You only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad and visits your web site,  by using our technology we can optimise your campaigns to drive more phone calls and online enquires from your text ads.

Our reporting platform tracks and measures all return on investment including calls, online sales, emails and form submissions, so there is no guess work.

How Search Advertising Works


  • Consumer searchers on Google and sees your ad
  • Consumer clicks through to your website
  • Our technology shows your website with a tracking number
  • Consumer contacts you via Phone Call, Email or Purchases from your online store
  • Our technology captures the words which have resulted in conversions and allocates your daily spend to keywords which we know convert to leads/ sales.

Benefits for your Business

  • Budgets recommended from Google NOT a salesman.
  • As soon as the campaign is live you will be on the first page of Google
  • 24/7 login to your personal platform where you can listen to phone calls and see all data of your Adwords campaign
  • Conversion Based Optimisation (CBO), we will identify what keywords are generating phone calls
  • Communication is with your expert consultant who builds your Adwords campaign.
  • A genuine and honest approach to help build your business

How Google Adwords Actually Works?


Google Adwords provides Pay Per Click Advertising service, which indicates that you merely pay if visitors click on your advertisement. Google Adwords also involves targeted advertisements for websites. Besides that, you can also manage for your ads to be showed on Google’s partner official websites. To work effectively with Adwords, we recommend the following:

  • Inclusive research into keywords linked to your business
  • Generation of your marketing campaign through effectively integrating all the aspects included such as product specifications, location, budget and more.
  • Committed landing pages through making the most of our competitive advantages
  • Formation of highly-recall advertisements that get you the kind of customers you select
  • Record of all sales leads created by PPC with reports on weekly basis on Cost-Per-Click, Conversions and Click-through rate
  • Modifying your ad campaign in accordance to which components convey the most dedicating results
  • Choice of keywords that generate sales and exclusion of the ones which don’t convert into conversions
  • Deal with re-launch campaigns to switch repeat visitors who have yet to buy from you
  • Monthly, weekly or daily reporting relying upon requirements

You can simply determine the efficiency of your Adwords campaign in the course of cost per click, conversions, click through rate, analyzing clicks reports etc. Throughout the process, we’ll customize and monitor your campaign to make sure that any issues you might come across are deal with and you get utmost return on investment.​


Remarketing is advertising that re-targets consumers who have shown interest in your business by visiting your website. When consumers leave your site, they are remarketed to with your display banner ads when they surf the web. This reminds them of your brands and drives them back to your site.


How Re-marketing Works

  • Consumer visits your web site.
  • Code/Cookie is dropped taggging the visitor for remarketing.
  • Visitor leaves your web site and surfs the Internet.
  • Your ads are displayed to visitors as they browse other web sites.

Ideal If You Want

  • To re-engage consumers who have recently expressed interest in your products and services.
  • Ensure your business is top of mind with consumers when they are ready to buy your products of services.
  • Repeatedly reinforce your brand with target customers. Pricing is dependent of monthly visits to your web site.