About Mango Media Marketing Agency

Mango Digital was born in sunny Brisbane and we service all of Australasia, but your probably wondering why would you name an agency after a fruit?

Google that!

Today no matter who you are or where you are we all Google.

We Google to find a business, we Google to read reviews, we Google at work.

What businesses struggle with is how to measure Google and the impact online has on their business.

Here at Mango Digital Marketing Agency,  we make this simple by using the most advanced platform of today.

We give your business its own personal login to the platform that shows your search engine advertising results & SEO results by providing real time online and mobile reports.They’re available 24/7, so you can log in any time to see how many leads you have acquired and also look at detailed keyword reports on how your search ads are performing. You can track the number of calls, emails, and visits you receive and even listen to your recorded phone calls.

This form of Real Time tracking allows you to watch your return on investment for the duration of the campaign.

This is to MANGO, we deliver real results that are important to you.